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10th anniversary of the Research to Market Challenge - the competition for business ideas from research

Does my idea qualify for the category “SUSTAINABILITY x SOCIETY"?

This competition category is open for submissions which takle sustainbility challenges, ideas in the fields of cultural and creative industries, social entrepreneurship, e.g.:

  • Media offerings and media services such as:
    • social media,
    • classical broadcasting (radio, television, etc.),
    • news (online, print, etc.),
    • advertising,
    • media management and
    • publishing.
  • Creative and cultural offerings such as:
    • audio & music,
    • books,
    • art,
    • film and audiovisual content,
    • design,
    • architecture,
    • theatre and
    • dance.

Social entrepreneurs are people who want to achieve sustainable social change with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial concepts. Common themes are:

  • social innovations,
  • education,
  • inclusion,
  • Integration of refugees,
  • equality & equal opportunities,
  • sustainability,
  • fair and sustainable trade or services and
  • development aid.

If you are not sure whether your idea falls into this category, please contact info@marketchallenge.de.