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Research to Market Challenge - the competition for business ideas from research

What do I have to do to apply for the special award?

For the 10th anniversary of the Research to Market Challenge, we are looking even more into the future with the special award "Future Innovation: AI" for visionary ideas on AI. Examples are ideas with a generative AI (e.g. the generation of texts, images, videos, 3D objects), new AI models as well as ideas for improving the collaboration between humans and machines or solving ethical challenges.

The special award, donated by K.I.E.Z. in the amount of € 1,500, is open to participants from all three categories.

To apply for the special prize, a thematic connection must be clearly recognisable in the actual idea sketch. Assign your idea to one of the three main categories in the entry form and place an additional cross under "Special Award Future Innovation: AI".