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Research to Market Challenge - the competition for business ideas from research

What kind of documents are required to be submitted?

To participate a completed application form and a concept paper of up to two pages (PDF, DIN A4, font size 11, simple line spacing) of a research-based product or business idea must be submitted. The paper should include the following aspects:

Affiliated person(s)

Please briefly describe the persons involved as well as their positions.


Connection to research
Describe the connection between your idea and the research of your university / research institution.


Idea and product innovation

Describe your idea and the product innovation and, if necessary, the technology.


Customer Value and market

Please indicate the potential benefits of potential customers. If possible, also describe in which specific market (e.g. FinTech, software industry, health technology, education) you could be active with your project.



Please provide a brief overview of the practicability of your idea: Where can development and research risks arise? What is needed for a transition into the market?