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10th anniversary of the Research to Market Challenge - the competition for business ideas from research


The application is as followed:

  • Please make sure you're following the conditions of participation.
  • Describe your idea in a concept paper of up to three pages (PDF, DIN A4, font size 11, simple line spacing) and fill out the registration form:
    • Basic data: Name of the project, appropriate category (TECHNOLOGIES x RESOURCES / HEALTHCARE x PREVENTION / SUSTAINABILITY x SOCIETY) and contact person:in (with email address).

    • Persons involved: Briefly describe the persons involved and their role.

    • Research connection and research background: Explain the integration of the idea into your research
      into your research or into the environment of the university/research institution.

    • Idea description and innovation: Describe your idea and, if applicable, the
      technology or product innovation or the innovative service.

    • Customer benefits and market: Describe how potential customers could benefit from your idea. If possible, describe the market (e.g. finance, medical technology, education) in which you could become active with your project.
      Feasibility: Give a brief overview of the feasibility of your idea. Where are there development or research risks? What is needed for the realisation?

What's next?

  • We collect all applications and make sure that formal criterias are kept. We then forward the idea papers to the jury.
  • Ten entries will be selected by the expert jury for the concept phase (second stage) for each category.
  • The concept phase starts with a one-day workshop on business model development. Find further infomation on the schedule here.